Best Bikram Yoga in San Diego: YogaFuzn

While yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, it wasn’t until recently that the popularity of this ancient discipline has surged.   Yoga is a viable option to anyone who has interest in continuing growth and understanding of their own being from a mental and physical place;  a practice of working together as one.  This “yoking” (def. of yoga) is the actual process ofbringing mind and body together.  Simply said, but it remains the ultimate goal of a yogis practice today.  The practice bringing you a better understanding and experience of SELF as each of us is our own best teacher, discovering within.  These are the important pillars of a strong yoga experience, however, few studios retain the understanding and discipline to share this with their students today.  YogaFuzn La Jolla is proud to be one of the few to still understand these core teachings in all of San Diego.

Hot Yoga in the United States started to gain popularity in Los Angeles in the early 1970s.   Bikram claims to have composed the series himself, however, there were others involved in this process at the College of Yoga in India.  Tony Sanchez is another yogi who was part of the process and should be given claim.  Bikram Choudhury made the claim and moved forward to take his position in “owning” the sequence through a Copyright which never came to fruition.  Thus, we have the 26 Postures and 2 Breathing Exercises, known today as 26&2 (formerly Bikram Yoga).  The Bikram Yoga series was also differentiated from other yoga by the use of added heat and humidity.  The element of using heat helps to provide a safer, deeper stretch as warm muscles are more conducive to cooperating.   The added heat also increases the stimulation to adrenal glands making participants sweat more which is great for the skin. Movement in a heated room is also helpful for participants with various inflammatory diseases.

The 26&2 Series is a very pure sequence of Hatha Yoga postures.  This 26&2 hot yoga sequence is the “original” series which has been copied and changed into other forms over the years.  YogaFUZN La Jolla has its roots deeply invested in never changing the sequence.  It should be done in order and never changed, the sequence is most pure and obtainable to all participating no matter, age, gender or physical condition.  The Hot 26&2 Series is perfect for all.  

As a Mother/Daughter Team at YogaFUZN La Jolla, we were both trained under Bikram Choudhury.  I graduated in 2001 and my daughter, Genevieve in 2013.  We both have been teaching daily since we graduated.  We have kept the 26&2 Hot Yoga series pure and have not changed the sequence.  We have, however, discovered the growth and experience gained over the 20+ years of consistent practice.   This growth we are proud to share with our students.   No longer does the militant teacher stand on a podium at the front of the room with headset shouting instructions to students.  Rather, while practicing with students and instructing we have softened the vibe of the room.   Offering, dim lights, low light morning and evening classes, meditation background sound and a community feel which had not existed at Bikram studios in the past.  The effort expendedby each student in a Hot 26&2 class is exponential, creating a unique experience in every session.  The new student is encouraged rather than belittled by a militant instructor.  We are proud to lead our yoga community in growing and learning how to be their better self through the discipline of this ancient practice.

With over 15 years in business in La Jolla, come and experience why we have trained and helped some of the best professional athletes in the world.  We are tried and true, we believe in what we offer: the opportunity through effort, hard work and commitment, to become a better reflection of our pure inner self.  Sometimes it is just disguised and waiting to be released.  Come grow with us at the best hot yoga studio in San Diego, YogaFUZN La Jolla.