Dear Sol Yoga La Jolla Community

In regards to the closure of the Sol Yoga La Jolla:

Colleen Bourgeois, Owner and Lead Instructor of YogaFuzn La Jolla commented, “I’m really sorry to see Sol Yoga, another small yoga studio, leave our niche hot yoga community. After hearing the way it all happened, I’m heartbroken for the number of yoga students who lost money in the surprise closure and are now without their community to practice. As a specialized hot yoga studio that has been around for 15 years, myself and my business partner/daughter Genna would like to extend an offer to Sol Yoga Students for their first full week of unlimited yoga, free of charge, as a gesture to welcome those displaced by our neighbor’s abrupt closure.”

YogaFuzn La Jolla offers similar heated classes to those previously offered by Sol Yoga, but with a greater focus on the Traditional 26 postures repeated twice in the Hatha and Vinyasa styles. All yoga sessions are held in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and kept at 40% humidity, making YogaFuzn one of the few studios in La Jolla with such a unique focus on hot yoga.

Regarded as a “hidden gem” of La Jolla by the SD Voyager, the mother/daughter duo look to continue sharing the ideals and numerous benefits of yoga, alongside their passion, with as many in the community as they can.  The YogaFuzn team hopes to see you soon for a session. Namaste.