26&2 Yoga in La Jolla

How often are we faced with a choice or decision?  In the world today, while beneficial, we have so many options, almost too many choices.  As yoga continues to gain popularity in the Western world the options of yoga styles is endless.  Transparently, I hope to clarify here, how YogaFUZN La Jolla stands out amongst other studios today.  It starts with our class types; By design we don’t teach a large variety of yoga styles, specifically because ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none’.  With over 16 years in business in La Jolla and 18 years of teaching experience, YogaFUZN offers what you seek; quality hot yoga in a nurturing environment and a place to call home.

Comparing ALL the different options available today would be like comparing apples and oranges.  What was once a basic, pure practice is now often times simply an interpretation of the teacher’s experience with the style.  At YogaFUZN La Jolla we have been trained and are privileged to share the purest form of hot yoga available.  It’s simple, basic, pure, tried and true, unchanged and in its original form.  We are the FIRST and the BEST in San Diego.

Consider these questions in your pursuit.  What am I looking for in a studio?  What exactly will I be practicing?  How qualified is the instructor?  The practice of yoga is over 5000 years old and yoga is actually “a way of living” for many dedicated practitioners.  Yoga involves more than just the “physical” yoga practice.  While the physical practice is the most popular component of yoga, it is more than just physical.   Yoga is the practice of living life with a better understanding of ourselves.   Yoga teaches us to understand the interaction and interconnectedness of everything.  It is something the teachings of the Western world does not encourage.  Yoga teaches awareness of our self, the most important relationship in our lives and by simply having a consistent practice, we start to understand ourselves, the world and everything in it. 

BUT, let’s keep it pure, basic and simple.  No matter your physical condition, age, sex, health (or lack of) you have the ability to change and improve all that you are.  It’s like shining the cover to renew and make everything look and feel better, simply because it does look and feel better after yoga!

YogaFUZN has chosen to keep pure what started 60+ years ago.   Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises which is so perfectly sequenced together.  Over the past several years many have taken this sequence and changed or added what they felt was right.  These unnecessary changes, greatly diluted the efficacy and safety of the series.  A simple point to consider, “Why change what works?”  Here are reasons why we’ve never changed the series:

1.     Knowledgeable yogi’s, whose lives revolved around Yoga, combined these particular postures to stimulate all systems of the body and to help aid in health issues.  This was protocol in ancient times, like a prescription given for ailments today, yogi’s in times past practiced these postures to heal themselves.

2.     Each posture is perfectly sequenced to support the next posture for efficacy and safety.  In order, the sequence is perfect for correct body movement and internal stimulation.

3.     The variations of postures in this series are chosen because they flow and work together.  In other words, there are 1,000’s of yoga postures, but these chosen variations are the ones that work better together, hand in hand.  Slight modifications are fine, to accommodate the needs of individuals as they grow in their practice.

Designed to keep your body and mind healthy and sharp, the YogaFuzn family is dedicated to offering you the best yoga experience in San Diego and beyond.  We don’t claim the practice is easy, as we face changes in our lives and our bodies daily.  However, what is most important, is learning to change with ourselves and accept the new path that lies ahead.  Change is good and yoga will teach you to change and grow with yourself. 


Colleen Bourgeois